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Favorite Summer Cocktails

Kiely_Monteiro Customer Community ManagerBostonPosts: 287 admin

The weather is warming up here in Boston, and I have those Friday feels. I'm looking forward to the weekend and having a cocktail in the sunshine ?

I ?a spicy margarita and this looks like a great one to try out.

Let's hear all of your favorite summer cocktails and mocktails!??



  • Brittany
    Brittany Posts: 24 mod

    This a fun thread to jump in on! ? I like a Moscow Mule, and when I can dream that I'm back in Italy, I like an aperol spritz!

  • alisonwiegard
    alisonwiegard Posts: 3

    I work for a beer distributor so of course.... beer. ?

  • jbeans63
    jbeans63 Posts: 16 ✭✭

    My usual drink if I go out is a dirty martini on the rocks, extra olives please (tanqueray or bombay sapphire please)....but I also enjoy gin & tonic with a splash of roses lime juice. My spouse makes a GREAT blue hawaiian, blended. Yummy!

  • Kiely_Monteiro
    Kiely_Monteiro Customer Community Manager BostonPosts: 287 admin

    @jbeans63 I feel like you would host an awesome cocktail party, Jill!

  • krishnatejasunku
    krishnatejasunku Posts: 4
    edited May 20

    I like tender coconut (mocktail), I prefer it while hangouts and in sunshine!

  • jbeans63
    jbeans63 Posts: 16 ✭✭

    So what is in your tender coconut mocktail? Just coconut water or ??? Just curious.