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Favorite Candy

Kiely_Monteiro Customer Community ManagerBostonPosts: 287 admin

My go-to candy would ?be Reese's

If I go to a fancy candy store though...some type of dark chocolate macadamia or cashew situation. Maybe with caramel?

So many delightful options, but what would you choose?



  • mwright2056
    mwright2056 Livonia, MichiganPosts: 7

    Anything dark chocolate works, but when I want something sweet but not chocolate, I go for the Haribo Peaches!

  • kimber
    kimber Posts: 23 ✭✭

    Swedish fish are my go to candy. My favorite is Twizzler Nibs but I'm gluten free now and can't eat them anymore. I also love peppermint patties. and popcorn with chocolate chips.

  • blasmuro
    blasmuro Chandler, AzPosts: 1

    Caramellos or Rolos.. love me some Chocolate with caramel! :)

  • hblanchette
    hblanchette Posts: 10

    & don't forget chocolate covered gummy bears - YUMMY!!! ?

  • Erin
    Erin Posts: 6 admin

    Reese's is hard to beat but also a big advocate for dark chocolate twix ?

  • Kiely_Monteiro
    Kiely_Monteiro Customer Community Manager BostonPosts: 287 admin

    @Erin how have I never had one?! I actually didn't know it existed

  • dommiller
    dommiller Posts: 2

    Kit Kats are fire! Sour patch watermelon for gummies!

  • TaylorDCPA
    TaylorDCPA Posts: 1

    Licorice, especially the scotty dogs by Gimble!

  • stephanietuba
    stephanietuba Southfield, MichiganPosts: 5

    Mmmm, can't argue with a cold KitKat from the freezer!

  • cmichaud
    cmichaud Posts: 2

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Peanut M&Ms

  • kstocker
    kstocker Posts: 5

    sour patch kids or chocolate with carmel (like rolos or turtles)

  • reneeschlueter
    reneeschlueter Provo, UTPosts: 5

    Now And Laters!! I haven't had them in so long because I can't find them anywhere!

  • LindsayPrice
    LindsayPrice Posts: 1

    love Paydays but so hard to find them here in Canada!

  • jglassmoyer
    jglassmoyer Sarasota, FLPosts: 7

    Dark Chocolate!

  • phuber
    phuber Posts: 1

    Candy bars: I love Fast Breaks.

    Candy in general: Starbursts! And Starburst jelly beans.

  • csullivan
    csullivan Posts: 6

    Chocolate: Haven't met a chocolate candy bar I don't like.

    Candy: All time fave is Twizzlers. Big bag, of course!

  • CMat
    CMat Posts: 1

    I grew up eating this delicious peanut bar called Munch. It is hard to find and I have only seen it in some Walmarts. It's made by Snickers so you know it's a winner!

  • jenweinacht
    jenweinacht Posts: 1

    Agree with Reese's!

  • staceyr36
    staceyr36 Posts: 5

    I love any milk chocolate with toffee and/or nuts. Things like a Hershey nugget with toffee and almonds; or a Hershey's symphony bar with toffee and almonds; or a simple Snickers :)

    Also love sour candy too! Haribo has so many great options!

  • SweetC
    SweetC Posts: 9

    Is that even a thing?? Never seen it here in the UK but sounds amazing!

  • SweetC
    SweetC Posts: 9

    Chocolate Covered Nougat ticks all of the boxes for me ? This is my favorite brand from South Africa

  • stuke
    stuke Posts: 1

    Twizzlers & Reese PB cups!

  • cconticchio
    cconticchio Chelmsford, MAPosts: 3

    Anything milk chocolate (without wheat of course) Reese is another fav.

  • fajenlen
    fajenlen Posts: 3

    Banana Laffy Taffy! Loooove them!

  • jbeans63
    jbeans63 Posts: 16 ✭✭

    Love my dark chocolate.....but my favorite candy bar (discovered when in Canada) is Coffee Crisp! Yummy. Alas, I am currently on a diet, so nothing but sugar free stuff right now.

    Chocolate covered gummies?????? :)

  • timlee78
    timlee78 VancouverPosts: 2

    Recently rediscovered the Haribo Happy Cola gummies. They're the ones shaped like miniature Coke bottles. They bring back the childhood memories of working in my dad's convenience store.

  • clopez
    clopez SF Bay AreaPosts: 1

    I love Giotto but it is so hard to find in the US!

  • jkusper
    jkusper Denver, COPosts: 1

    Hairbo Gummy Bears. Most of my calories come from gummy bears. But...I only have one cavity!