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Which of the following events are you most interested in?

Kiely_Monteiro Customer Community ManagerBostonPosts: 287 admin

I'm already planning our Q1 FloVerse fun & networking events, but need your help to make them the best yet!

While our poll only lets you pick 1, please comment below and let me know any additional events (listed or not) you'd be excited to participate in!

Which of the following events are you most interested in? 22 votes

Squid Games (non-violent, duh)
jtran 1 vote
Soap Making
Cassie 1 vote
Candle Making
EmmaFayereneeschlueterShaliniTammyJknewcomer 5 votes
Chocolate 101
annreevesSteven 2 votes
Terrarium Making
daneyadensonnlarue15rachaelsumner 3 votes
Cocktails/Wine/Tequila Tasting
KristinanittamcsullivanMarkCreaseystaceyr36cdonnellydommillercconticchiotimlee78grantsam 10 votes


  • mbabcock21
    mbabcock21 Posts: 8 ✭✭

    I am very curious as to what Squid Games entails!

  • Kiely_Monteiro
    Kiely_Monteiro Customer Community Manager BostonPosts: 287 admin

    @mbabcock21 They won't tell us what the games are to keep them secret like the show, so I'm very curious too! Perhaps we all have to carve honeycomb shapes?