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Payroll Accountant at NORDAM

Kiely BostonPosts: 91 admin
edited July 18 in Job Board


Job Description

Applies advanced knowledge of principles, theories, concepts and industry practices to perform accounting functions related to payroll, and industry standards related to compiling maintaining, auditing and performing payroll computations as required by Federal and State regulations and Company Policies.

Essential Functions And Key Responsibilities

Develops solutions to a variety of problems of moderate scope and complexity related to accounting functions for processing and recording payroll, requiring judgment and ingenuity referring to policies and procedures for guidance. Work is accomplished under general direction with latitude to adapt procedures, processes and techniques with completed work reviewed for accuracy and expected results.

Plans and accomplishes a complete range of assignments and tasks by auditing and compiling payroll data using Hours Worked, Paid / Unpaid Time Off along with Statutory and Non-Statutory Deductions for computing Net Pay; prepares computer input forms, from electronic data files and formatting files for uploading hours, earnings and deductions data into Payroll System for processing of payroll.

Conducts studies and recommends improvements for the company’s payroll operation; implements new and revised payroll system; modifies system specifications and documentation and coordinates implementation of payroll control procedures with management and users.

Compiles all earnings and deduction data after the processing of payroll for preparation of electronic general ledger journal entry file to be uploaded into SAP general Ledger system for financial statement reporting.

Analyzes Payroll Liability general ledger accounts for computing cost of stakeholder benefits to be recorded into general ledger on a monthly basis. Compiles and formats stakeholder benefits costs into electronic files for uploading electronic files into general ledger monthly.

Reviews and performs reconciliations of general ledger balance sheet accounts on a monthly basis; prorates expenses to be debited or credited to each department relating to payroll activities as required.